High Dynamic Range technique – how to do it?


The original image (at 0 EV):

This is a HDR image. HDR means, High Dynamic Range. This is a technique, that gives you true colors and tones. This is available for digital photographs only.

It’s not easy to do an image in hdr, but I explain it in few words. So, I suggest you to use tripod, when you wanna do hdr!! Because you have to do 3 or 5 different exposures of exactly the same thing, no motion! You do an exposure at -2 EV, an exposure at 0 EV and at +2 EV (if you wanna do it of 5 images you can use -/+1 EV, too). When you did the 3 exposures (or 5), you have to use a software to do the hdr. There is Photomatix or Photoshop CS3, but I think Photomatix is better (I use it, too).

So, you got Photomatix and open it with your 3 exposures. When it opens your 3 images you choose HDR»Generate. Then a window appears (Loading source images) there’s you 3 images, you click on “Use already opened images” and OK. Then a new window (Selecting alignment and curve options) appears, here you can choose what you want, but I suggest you to tick “Align source images” and click OK. Then it will do the hdr image. When it finish a new image appears – this is you hdr!! – but if you want to do it better, you have to go to HDR»Tone Mapping and choose the settings you want. Then if you want you can do something more with it in Photoshop, but it’s not necessary.

You can read more abut this technique here.
More HDR photos from my gallery!
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ConeFlower – Orton technique


This is a coneflower in my grandparent’s garden. I took this image in Summer ’07.
Moreover it’s a black&white (sepia) image, it’s an orton photo, too. Orton gives that dreamy look to the photo. If you wanna know more about this technique, please click on this link.


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