Textured image – How to do? (tutorial)

| W h i t e C o v e r |

(this image on Flickr)

This is a textured image. It’s very simple to do an image like this.
First you have to take a shot of something (portrait, landscape….etc.). Then you take another of a texture (rusty scratched steel, old wall with stains or be creative and find out something :) So you get the two images.
I’ve bad news – you have to use Photoshop! :D So you open the two files in Photoshop and drag the texture and drop onto the landscape or portrait image. Then in Layers select Multiply (or Soft Light, Overlay – which you think it’s better). If it’s not the image that you want, you can go to Levels, Curves, Brightness & Contrast or you can Invert the texture!

You can see here other textured images

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