Top 10 Most Creative Application Replacement Icon

Just a few creative high-quality replacement icons for Mac, i found these pretty amazing & use them everyday. I hope you know how to replace these icons, but if don’t, it’s simple! Just click “Get info” for the application and copy & paste the replacement icon into the highlighted application’s icon.
If you ever change your mind and want back the original icon of the application, just push “delete”, when the icon is highlighted. So, enjoy!!;)
(click on the images for download)

1. Safari

safari compass icons

2. Firefox

flamefox firefox icon

3. Mail

air mail icon

4. iTunes

looney tunes itunes icon

vinyl itunes icon

5. Photoshop

leica m7 camera icon

6. Finder

heaven & hell finder icon

7. Text Edit or Word

typewriter icon

8. Preview

preview icon film roll

9. VLC or Quicktime

VLC quicktime warner bros icon

10. Hard drives

wall-e icon hard drive

Portrait of my brother with ringlight (tutorial)

(better on Flickr)
So here’s my first ringlight shot…. I did it myself, i mean the ringlight!

Here’s some pictures how to do a ringlight at home! (this is not mine)

Just few tips, how can you make this ringlight better (not on the image):
– try to create it that you don’t have to use manual mode on the flash and don’t have to use some wireless connection between the camera and the flash. you can see a picture of what i’m talking about…
– take a white paper on the front of the ringflash, because the light is very strong and your model will be blind… :D

So give it a try my friend! It’s free! :)
Good luck!

Double Splash (strobist macro)

(better on Flickr)

This was taken today. Placed in a transparent tank and there was a red paper under it. I got my camera with the flash (Canon Speedlite 550EX) on it. I grabbed a pipette and did the drops falling… And God knows how can it be, but I got two splashes at the same time!! So yeah, the color is natural….. no Photoshop!!