Clone Yourself! – Multiplicity image (tutorial) – UPDATED

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How to do an image like this??
It’s very simple my friend! :)
First you have to use a tripod, without this you can’t do it… Then you do as much poses as you want, but you have to do an image of the place where you will act. After you got the right poses put them into Photoshop. I suggest you to cut the character that is most in the background with Pen or Magnetic Lasso tool. Then cut it and paste it into the original image (there is nobody on it). Then do this with the others also. At the end you can use Blur tool to blur the edges a little bit. And BUMM it’s finished!!


You could use the “Clone Stamp” tool and carefully copy the characters from the different pics to the “original” image! Then you won’t get sharp edges! See this below!

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